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cardboard slotting machine

Chain feeding type corrugated cardboard slotting machine

Functions and characteristics:

  1. This machine adopts chain feeding type, bilateral blocking positioning, to ensure that paper feeds accurately.
  2. Box height adjustment is four knife synchronization, the length adjustment, the knife and the line pressing on the top and the bottom, the paper cutter and the paper pressure rod, linkage shift, saves time of order transformation.
  3. The phase adopts structure of planetary gear type, electric 360┬░adjustment, digital display.
  4. The machine transmission uses cross slide block structure, uses automatic spray type lubrication, circulating oil supply, the gear adopts free key connection, removes the link clearance.
  5. The electrical appliances adopt internationally famous brand, the bearing adopts rolling bearing from Harbin, high speed and has stable performance.
  6. The punching and the clasp hands device and the free plate quad die cutting device is optional