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Semi Auto Stitcher

Semi-Automatic Stitcher (1/2-Piece)

Main Features:
1. A dual-purpose machine for single forming carton, double forming carton, irregular carton.
2. The size is full electrically controlled and the can be changed in 2-3 min.
3. The strengthened,single,double nailing can be finished in a lump.
4. Auto counting, after stacked, it will be auto packing.
5. Available for lager carton, and nail-feeding is high speed and highly efficient.
6. Nailing from is adjustable between 30-120 mm, set by computer.
7. It can do special box without cover.

Benefits of Semi Auto Stitcher:
• It does not require skilled personnel, more flexible
• Effective in reducing labor intensity, double servo drive, operation more convenient, less mechanical transmission part, so the failure rate is lower.
• A dual-purpose machine, single and double sheet can be nailed

Technical Parameters:

Model SDJ-2400
Max. paper size(A+B)×2 (mm)2000
Min. paper size(A+B)×2 (mm)1060
Max. carton length A mm2850
Min. carton length A mm350
Max. carton width B mm1200
Min. carton width B mm160
Max. paper height(C+D+C) (mm)2500
Min. paper height(C+D+C) (mm)300
Max. rock cover C(mm)560
Min. rock cover C(mm)50
Max. height D(mm)200
Min. height D(mm)150
Max. width of the tongue (mm)45
Nail distance mm20-120
Nail No.1-99