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Single Facer-Thin Blade

Single Facer/Thin Blade

Main Features:

  • Design speed: 220m/min
  • Effective sheet length: 1400mm-2500mm
  • Vacuum fingerless type
  • Auto rotating glue roll while the main motor stop to avoid the glue drying.
  • Precise gap metering between glue roll and doctor roll, with touch screen display.
  • Glue volume can be automatically adjusted with plant speed changing.
  • Motorized glue area setting.
  • Variable speed gearbox drive, with gears precisely grinded and oil immersed lubricated. Four axis gimbal transmission for the output shaft.
  • Imported Japanese high-quality bearing for upper and lower corrugating roll and pressure roll. High temperature grease used for lubrication.
  • The corrugated roll is made of special alloy steel of 48CrMo with grinding process and hardened with hardness of HRC56-60. Wolfram Carbide is optional for the corrugated roll.
  • Gap between glue roll and lower corrugating roll, pressure roll and lower corrugating rolls are simultaneously controlled by double motor.
  • Motorized control of the pre-heater area.
  • Spraying device is equipped.

Benefits of Single Facer:

  1. No pressure rolls marks or degradation when using any grade of medium and liner
  2. High speed operation up to220 m/min with dramatic reduction of noise
  3. No need for fine tuning of roll gap and pressure forces
  4. Glue thickness automatically controlled according to paper and speed
  5. Quieter operation